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International Call Guide - Save Money on International Calls

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At we can help you choose the the best option for cheap International calling. The best international calling option will vary with each individual depending on their personal situation.   We try to explain the pros and cons of the various international calling products so you can choose the best option for your situation.  We also offer tips and things to watch for when making a purchase so you can not only purchase the right international calling product for your situation  but also get a high quality product at a fair price.  Our product pages provide more detailed information on the various products or you can use our Quick Guide (below).

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Quick Guide

If you already know  the type of product you want than start here.  We have provided the following recommendations for each type of product used to make low cost international calls. How do we know? We have been in this business for several years and we constantly research and test products.  We actively use many of these products and we also listen to consumer's like you in order to find out what they like and, more importantly, what they don't like.  Therefore, if you know of better products or have comments about the products we recommend, please e-mail us so we can provide the best recommendations to our visitor's.  What do we look for?  We look for value which we define as a combination of price and quality.  In our opinion, an international calling product offers value if it has high quality at a fair price. 


Dial Around Long Distance

These plans are popular for making international calls from almost any phone (cell, home or business).  They offer low cost, quality and convenience.  We recommend two companies that offer similar products that are used to make low cost domestic or international calls.  These are Tel3 and Continental. Both are solid companies that have been in business for a long time.  We favor Tel3 but suggest that you use the one that offers the lowest cost to the locations you call most.  Links to both official websites are listed below.  Compare these Dial Around Plans.

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Continental International Calling - Great rates and high quality from over 60 countries.


VoIP Phone

We think VoIP is the best option for you if you have broadband Internet since it combines low cost local phone service with cheap or even free long distance.  Many companies offer VoIP service and there are many different VoIP plans. It is hard to find one VoIP call plan that is best for every situation.  We currently suggest one company.  It offers good quality and low rates on domestic and international calls. If you primarily make domestic calls than we think Via Talk offers the best deal now ($199 for two years).

VoIP Phone Service

Visit our VoIP Shop for more VoIP options.


Call International with Calling Cards

Everyone knows about calling cards and have likely used one at one time or another.  Calling cards are convenient for making cheap international calls because they can be used almost anywhere.  The calling card provider we recommend is Smart Global Call. They provide premium calling cards at low prices and they fully guarantee all of the calling cards they sell. Also their calling cards can be used from nearly any country. You can use the rate finder below to search through hundreds of calling cards very quickly.


SpeedyPin- A large selection of premium calling cards that can be used from 130+ countries.        Step 1: Find hi-quality, reliable phone cards at SpeedyPin


Call International with PC to Phone

Many people use PC to Phone for making cheap or even free domestic and international long distance calls.  It is a nice option for people who travel with a PC or make a lot of international calls and want to save money.  Skype is by far the most popular service for making calls from your PC.  Click the banner below to visit  Skype and sign-up for Free. 

International Call Back

This is a great option for people who live outside of North America and want to make cheap calls to the USA or other international locations.  We recommend Telcan.

Telcan - Save up to 70% on International Calls. 

Calling Cards


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Now it is possible to make cheap calls to uk phones using tel3advantage, phone cards and other options.