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Free International Calls - Free Trial Offer

Get up to 900 Free Minutes for a limited time during the Tel3Advantage Triple Promo.  Visit the Tel3Advantage website or call 800 441 0321 for details.

Several companies offer free trail offers where potential customers can try the prepaid calling product before depositing funds or making a purchase.  The following are a few that almost anyone can try for Free with no obligation.  They also do not require a credit card or any other personal information other than maybe a phone number. Check out the offers on this page.

Receive a Free International Call Trial offer with absolutely no obligation.  With most Prepaid Calling products you need to purchase them before you can try them and if they do not work well than it is often difficult or impossible to receive a refund.  With this product you can try it first so you can see exactly what you are purchasing.  If you like the plan you can simply activate the account, add funds and continue to use the account.  If you do not like it you can use your Free calls and stop.  There are no gimmicks and no obligationYou don't even need to give them a credit card number to start making free calls. There are no hassles since you can start making calls immediately and there is nothing to change. 


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From Outside North America: Free Trial

In the USA or Canada:Free Trial

International Call free trial 

Try Tel3 Mobile call plan and get Free Minutes on sign-up. It has great rates to almost any international locations.  The plan also includes Great Features.  Some of these are listed Below.

  • You can use it from any phone without changing companies.  It is an ideal prepaid calling plan for making cheap international calls from a cell phone since it can be used with any existing service provider.
  • You can make calls without dialing an account number or PIN.  SMART Phone users can download Free Software that will allow them to make direct dial low cost international calls.  They won't need to dial an access number or any number other when placing a call.
  • You can make calls from anywhere in the USA or Canada by calling an access number.
  • You get the same great rates 24/7.
  • The system uses the A Tier 1 network so the call quality is extremely high.
  • There is no contract, monthly fees or obligation.
  • A Tel3 account includes On-Line account management where you can view things like a call history that lists the details of all calls made on your account in real time.
  • Save up to 80% on International Calls.  Rates are as low as 2 cents/minute.
  • See a complete list of Features by visiting Tel3 Mobile.

It is now possible to make cheap calls to India with Tel3advantage. It can be use from cell phones, office or home phones without changing phone companies.  Up to 10 phones can be registered to one account so it is easy to track expenses and make changes.  Tel3Advantage comes with an on-line account manager so the details for each call can be viewed in real time.  Now you can use one account for all calls to India and other international locations.


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